Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baytown to Marion

5 NOV - Left this morning at 09:30. 73 degrees and not raining. Wanted some time for the rush-hour traffic in Houstin to clear a bit. Sailed right through Houston, no traffic at all. Maybe all the predictions for rain and flash flooding kept folks at home.

Hit two rain squalls in the 197 miles but not heavy enough to even slow down. Got to Edie and Pete's at 12:30. At 73 degrees departing Baytown I didn't put on my electric jacket. By the time I reached Marion it was 54. A couple of cups of hot coffee and a hot shower did the trick.

Pete's garage is large enough to house an auto repair shop and uncludes a 'bunk house' where I'm staying.

Edie fixed a great dinner and we enjoyed sitting around swapping 'cop' stories. I know Pete from our days in the USSS and Edie is a retired police officer. (As Sara would say, 'the stories' get better every year. Maybe it's age.

It started raining just after I got here and is predicted to last until tomorrow afternoon. My goal tomorrow will be Van Horn, TX, so I should ride out of the rain as I get further west.

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