Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scottsdale - Rest Day

8 NOV - Had the 36,000 mile service done on the bike (actual mileage 37,994, but all highway miles). Go AZ Motorcycles sells all makes of motorcycles except Harley-Davidson. HD is just nextdoor. There was a fund raiser memorial ride for a guy killed on his Harley. Hundreds of bikes at both locations, signing up and buying shirts etc. The amazing thing is that 90% of the folks don't wear helmets, and those that do have the 'brain buckets'. Tells you something. Also, no protective gear other than glooves. I even sae a guy on his Harley riding barefoot.

There were a handful of BMW riders, all wearing full face helmets and proper gear.

Anyhow, while the bike was being serviced I met Lenore and Barb for breakfast. It's dry here so the outside areas have the misters.

Wes and Judy were kind enough to put me up once again and even had me park the moto in the garage.

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