Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ostrander to White House, TN

1 NOV - Woke up at 04:00 and noted that it had stopped raining and although it was 34 degrees at Ostrander there was no sign of snow.  A good sign.

After breakfast with Sara, Susan and Leon, I gave Sara an extra hug before taking off because she is going to stay for a visit with Susan, a friend from grade school days, then fly home Sunday. Thankfully she agreed to take some of my stuff that I won't need for the ride to Reno.

I was on the road at first light, 08:10, and it was still 34 degrees, and not raining. It was about nine miles of winding country roads before I reached I-71. No sign of black ice, I guess because the pavement is still warm. Got on I-71 and battled strong, gusty cross winds all the way to Cincinnati where I stopped for gas. There just happened to be a Waffle House next to the Pilot gas station. Couldn't let the opportunity slip by. Came out after enjoying a waffle, good as ever, and it was snowing. Still 34 degrees, but the snow was melting on the highway. Once I got to Louisville the snow stopped, the Sun appeared and it warmed up to 42 degrees. Thank you for 'electrics', in my case a jacket and gloves. (Heat from the engine keeps my legs warm.)

Saw signs for the Lincoln Memorial Museum so slipped over to Hodgenville, KY, Lincoln's birthplace, as I'd never been there. Couldn't be so close and not ride an extra 20 miles to see it.

Just nearing Bowling Green I spotted the Corvette Factory so stopped there too. Missed the last tour of the day by 45 minutes.

Arrived at White House, TN at 15:00 and checjed into a Motel 6. First thing I did was take a long, hot shower to warm up.

It was a 407 mile day and it felt to get off the bike and warm up.

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