Saturday, November 15, 2014

Henderson to Reno

10 NOV - After a 05:30 pancake breakfast at Kathy and Coleman's I was on the road for home at 06:30 under a typical Nevada blue sky day and a balmy 60 degrees.

No real traffic crossing Las Vegas at the early hour and then on the familiar route toward home. No snow on Tonopah Pass thanks to the warm weather. Stopped for gas in Tonopah and up walks Monte, a friend from Reno, a true 'Iron Butt' rider. (He was heading to Las Vegas for a pistol match. My kind of guy.)

Just north of Tonopah I ran in to a terrible dust storm with some of the most extreme cross winds I've ever experienced, even in Patagonia. Especially bad around Walker Lake.

Arrived home at 15:40 for a 473 mile  day and completing a 96 day, 15,819 Adventure.

Great to be home and ready to hit the hiking trail with Sara. (We plan to hike the 'Coast to Coast' [C2C] in the U.K. next May, a 190 mile trek from Robin Hood's Bay to St. Bee's Bay. In '96 we hiked it west to east, so this time will reverse it. Anyhow, after 96 days on the moto it's time to get the hiking legs back in shape. One advantage of living in the Sierra Nevada.)

PS - I was so excited to be home that I forgot to post the last day. Thanks to Fred for asking me if I'd taken residence in Henderson.

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