Thursday, November 6, 2014

Marion to Van Horn

6 NOV - Enjoyed breakfast at iHop with Pete & Edie and son Tony. Always difficult to leave friends but hope to see them at Rundle Ride XII in September 2015 in WDC to celebrate the USSS 150th year.

Left at 09:00, no rain but threatening, and a comfortable 60 degrees.

Being Texas the are BBQ restaurants everywhere. All good.

Enjoy the 80mph speedlimit but generally cruise at 70 to 75. Anything faster and the mpg gets really bad.

This morning there was light rain west of San Antonio but I rode out of it. Then much to my surprise, and against the weathercast, heavy rain for the last 90 minutes of the ride.

Arrived at Van Horn at 16:30 just as the rain ended.

As of today I've logged 14,288 miles. 1,332 to go and I'll be home. Put another way, the Adventure is 91% completed.

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